Beyond the Horizon (2017)

A commission from Trevor Thornton, a pianist currently based in Kansas City, Missouri. I wrote this piece to represent the uncertainty of life that we feel when time passes in front of us.

Whirlwind (2015)

A quirky etude for solo piano, composed at the UMKC conservatory and premiered at the Composer Guild concert.


Lost in the Mist (2015)

A short, mysterious prelude that wanders through various harmonies and refuses to settle for one. Premiered at my senior recital.

Toccata in D minor (2015)

I wanted another intense piece that blended modern and traditional elements, and I believe I succeeded with this one. After the cadenza, there is a period where the performer improvises right hand gestures over top of a left hand pattern.  I performed this piece in the final round of the Lions Club Bland Foundation Competition in 2015.


Prelude in B flat major (2015)

This piece was premiered at my senior recital. I wanted another short piece, something with a little charming foreign flair.

Prelude in B flat minor (2015)

A jazzy, melancholy prelude somewhat similar to the style of Gershwin.

Sonata No. 1 for Solo Piano (2014)

This sonata is in three continuous movements; I. Presto Scherzando, II. Reminiscence, and III. Allegro misterioso. This piece was written over the course of 6 months.

Affections (2014)

This piece was written in a little under 2 hours at the 2014 Brevard Music Center session, mainly because I needed a quick piece to put on the composer program. The music is dedicated to Megan Pasquarell, my girlfriend.