The Wanderer (2015) for alto saxophone and piano

This piece was premiered by Kameron Sheffield (saxophone) and Josiah Sprankle (piano) at the University of Missouri-Kansas City  Fall 2015 Composers Guild concert on October 6th, 2015.

The music is in two movements: 1.) Unrest, and 2.) Curiosity.

Off-Limits (2016) for solo cello

This piece was written for the Co(mp)llaborations project in partnership with the UMKC Composer’s Guild and the UMKC Cello Studio. Each of the composers who volunteered were commissioned to write a short work for solo cello. After working closely with each cellist, the new works were presented in a concert at the Conservatory. Performance by Joshua Hart.

Sonata for bassoon and piano (2016)

The sonata for bassoon and piano was a finalist in the 2016 ALEA III international composition competition and winner of the audience prize, receiving performances in Kansas City, Boston, and Naxos, Greece. Performance by Mark Lauer (bassoon) and Josiah Sprankle (piano).